Meet Our Physicians

Please meet just a few our of physicians and why they enjoy living and working here in Bradford.


Eyad Al-Hattab, M.D.
Residency: Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Cleveland, Ohio
Fellowship: University of Rochester Medical Center. James P. Wilmot Cancer Center. Rochester, New York

What do you like most about living in Bradford? “The people….it’s like a big family that takes care of each other.”

What do you like about practicing at BRMC? “The extremely helpful nurses and support staff, everyone will go out on an arm and a limb to help any patient in need. Making things much easier to flow and much more efficient. ”


M. Javed Akhtar, M.D.
Residency: University of Miami, Miami, FL
Fellowship: American College of Surgeons

“When I moved to Bradford in January 1982 from Florida, in the midst of a snow storm, my friends thought I was nuts! But after living here, and practicing at BRMC I have no regrets. Both my kids were born, raised and educated here, and they both have done very well. My daughter is in first year of residency after graduating from Med. School and our son after serving in armed services of the United States works for the department of defense. Bradford is small town living at its best. People are warm and friendly. They really appreciate what you do for them and you are easily recognized as part of the community. The nurses at same day surgery and the operating rooms, where most of my work is done, go out of their way to help you. Most of the patients who pass through those areas have an extremely positive view of the service they received. I will have no qualms about recommending the Hospital in particular and community in general to anybody.”

David K. Godfrey, M.D.
Residency: The University of Texas Health Science Center and Affiliated Hospitals, San Antonio, TX

“BRMC staff loves to care for patients and that makes it a wonderful place to be a physician who also loves to take care of patients.”

Nathaniel L. Graham, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Residency: York Hospital, York, PA
Fellow: American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.)

“Bradford has been a wonderful place to raise a family, enjoy my hobbies and practice surgery in a small community.”

Jill Owens, M.D.
Residency: St. Vincent Health Center, Erie, PA
Fellow: American Academy of Family Practice.

“Practicing medicine in Bradford is great. You really get to know your patients and their families and become a part of the community. The small town atmosphere is an awesome place to raise a family as well.”


Joseph H. Goro, M.D.
Residency: St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Staten Island, N.Y.

“What I like most about living in Bradford is that it is a small city and close to highways.”