How Families Should Talk When Moving an Elderly to an Aged Care Centre

Families often stall if not avoid any discussion of sensitive family matters like whether to put to an elderly loved one in an aged care Sydney facility or not. It’s better to discuss the matter and come up with an early decision. It’s better to do this month, if not years, early. It is crucial for the family to have an agreement which will avoid any kind of conflict or misunderstanding when later on time and money will be a concern.

The following are some of the tips to consider when discussing the move to an aged care Sydney facility with the whole family:

Make time to talk as a family as much as you can.

Before you decide on a Glenhaven retirement home to send your elderly loved one in, every possible issue should be addressed by the entire family. It’s usual for us to prefer dying on our own beds but the fact is that less than 50 percent of the population are able to do so. About 20 percent die in the aged care home facility while 30 percent on their hospital beds. This means that for most people particularly in Australia it is inevitable to stay in an aged care facility.

Prepare the important documents beforehand.

It’s high time for you to review and make sure that important documents are already updated. Try to find your will, property titles, power of attorney, bank statements and accounts and keep them in a safe place.

Being ready for a decline in capacity.

We cannot predict if our loved one or even us will have a sudden decline in our capacity whether that is physical, mental or other aspects. This can be due to dementia or any catastrophic illness. We need to take that into consideration in our plans.

Plan ahead to make sure that you will have a win-win solution.

Your senior loved one will benefit more if he or she will be moved to a residential aged care facility beforehand instead of being forced to move there due to illness. The family can decide whether the loved one will be moved to a retirement village Glenhaven or a facility away from home but closer to a relative who will serve as the care provider.

Give importance to what the senior wants.

It’s usual for the couple or the family to decide on the Glenhaven retirement village to send the elderly to, without asking about the feelings and preferences of the person involved.

Point out all factors that may cause a disagreement among family members.

Every family has a different situation. It is important to address all possible causes of disagreements and to agree on ways to redress the situation even before it happens. There may be some family members who will not agree to the directions or requests of the elderly who will be going into the aged care facility. It’s better to think of ways to resolve them.

Early decisions can help you save money.

Rushed decisions often lead to more costs compared to a carefully planned course of action. For instance, when you sell the house fast to finance the loved one’s move to an aged care Sydney, you will not be able to sell the property in its fair market value. When your finances are poorly planned and structured, this can result in exorbitant aged care fees. All these can be avoided by planning.

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