Spoil Your Dog: Tips in throwing a Halloween party for your dog 2019

November is fast approaching, have you planned anything for your dog yet? Spoil your dogs and make them happy by buying the best dog Halloween costumes and throw a Halloween party for them.

dog halloween costumes

Dogs are part of the family – a best friend, a lover, protector, and they will always be there to make your lonely days’ fun and memorable. They deserve to be celebrated and spoiled sometimes. Let’s start planning the spookiest Halloween party ever for your poochies this 2019.

Tips on throwing a Halloween party

  • Find a venue – Venues can be everywhere, however you have to search for a place where you can throw the best Halloween party for your dogs, without compromising the aftermath cleaning, and the safety of the dogs and the owners. These are the things to consider in finding a venue:
    • Population – How many dogs and humans are attending the party?
    • Exclusivity – Is this party exclusive for dogs alone, or both humans and their dogs?
    • Atmosphere – Are they (dogs and humans) going to enjoy the place?
    • Time and weather – What time should It start? Will it rain or not?

Take time to answer these questions to pick the perfect venue for the party.

Recommended venues are the following:

  1. Home
  2. Backyard
  3. Dog Park
  4. Seaside
  5. Agility course
  6. Party centers for dogs
  • Make a list – Now, you have a theme (Halloween Party), start making a list of the things you’ll be needing for the party, such as human food, dog food, Halloween decorations, giveaways, Halloween cakes and, small and big dog Halloween costumes, depending on your dog’s size. Making a list in advance won’t compromise your allocated budget.
  • Guest list – There are things you need to consider in inviting guests and dogs
    • Make sure that their dogs’ behavior complements other dogs’
    • Keep it low – For a less hassle and minimal supervision, 10 dogs are the maximum number to be invited.
  • dog Halloween costumes – This makes the party more exciting! Try throwing a mini fashion show contest as part of the program, to make it more fun. For more Halloween costumes for your fur babies, you may visit bitchnewyork.com. From Chihuahua, Pug, to a Labrador, Siberian Husky, etc., there are small and large dog costumes to choose from.
  • A dog and human party program – Yes, this party is for dogs, but don’t forget about the humans. They need to feel the vibe of the party, too. You may organize different programs such as:
    • Spooky Fashion Show – Let your dogs showcase their hot dog halloween costumes they’ve been wearing.
    • Bloody Ball-Fetching – You’ll be needing a lot of balls. Humans and dogs will enjoy this game.
    • Vampire Dog-piñata – A dog-centered game. You may put the best treats on the piñata and make them look like vampires while getting the treats.
    • Halloween Cupcake making contest – The most disgusting cupcake design wins.
    • Find your human game – (Hide and Seek) Dogs will be finding their humans without calling their names.

Now that you’re all set, it’s time to party. Visit https://www.bitchnewyork.com/collections/dog-costumes/halloween to find the best dog Halloween costumes.

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